Discover organic this season! Oak Manor sources organic, non-GMO grains, seeds and beans from Certified Organic farms.

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Why should I buy organic? "People are applying the precautionary principle to their own lives by purchasing food that has not been produced by industrial methods. From the simple stance of hazard avoidance, organically produced food is the best option that we have."
        — Dr. Vyvyan Howard, toxico-pathologist at the University of Liverpool, UK "There are 70 pesticides that are listed as known or probable carcinogens, based on animal testing. Of those seventy, 44 are in use today, and 23 are used on our food."
        — Gina Solomon, specialist in internal medicine [2001] Is organic food more nutritious? Studies have also shown that food grown on organic farms tend to have higher levels of minerals and nutrients than food grown using chemicals. This means that when you buy organic products for Oak Manor you are getting more food value gram for gram- and that means more value for your money and greater health and vitality for you and your family. Is buying ‘organic’ the right choice for the future? Do something good for yourself- and for the next generation too. While you may be too busy to think about it often, you want to leave a legacy for your grandchildren and for their grandchildren too. Oak Manor Farms has been dedicated for over 30 years to farming methods that will • Keep the soil vibrant and free of harmful chemicals
        • Avoid contaminating our drinking water and wildlife habitats
        • Support the Ontario organic farm community • Reduce carbon and polluting emissions by helping the local market to thrive
        • Nourish healthy children and future generations If you’ve ever watched the natural documentary, Planet Earth, you will understand the complex and delicate interdependencies of the natural world. Instead of harming these delicate balances through the use of harmful chemicals, the organic farming industry carefully researches the soil and its ecosystems; and scientific farming methods are applied by organic farmers in order to increase the quality and quantity of their yields.