Discover organic this season! Oak Manor sources organic, non-GMO grains, seeds and beans from Certified Organic farms.

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Organic Certification- it’s a trust issue You are committed to your health and the health of your family, and you want to know that those who produce the food you bring to the table have standards you can trust.
        If you make the extra commitment to buy ‘organic’, it’s important to know what that label means. What does ‘organic’ mean? To be truly labelled ‘organic’, the food you buy must meet specific standards, from the soil preparation to the seeds planted and the harvesting; and from the manufacturing to the packaging process. If it’s organic, it has been grown and produced without
        • Pesticides
        • Insecticides
        • Herbicides • Preservatives
        • Genetically modified seeds How do I know that food is organic? To identify a product as organic, look for the seal of approval from a ‘third party’ certification agency. Each of these third party certification agencies must abide by a minimum set of standards set by the Canadian government for organic food production.
        All Oak Manor Products are Certified Organic
        In 1975, Delton Reibling dedicated Oak Manor Farms to whole food production under strict organic standards, and that commitment has never changed.
        Today, Oak Manor remains all Canadian and all organic. Everything we produce is certified by Canada’s leading organic certification organization, Pro-Cert (formerly OCPP here in Ontario).
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