Discover organic this season! Oak Manor sources organic, non-GMO grains, seeds and beans from Certified Organic farms.

Our Heritage 1943- The Beginning • Delton Reibling finds a stand of majestic oak trees on 150 acres of land
        • Knowing it takes fertile land to support oaks like these, he purchases the land • Delton establishes a prosperous dairy and cash crop operation 1940s-1950s- Innovative Farming • The Reiblings develop a seed cleaning operation for neighbouring farmers • They are the first to bring electricity to the community for their farm
        • They become leaders in introducing chemical farming in the 50’s • The farm grows to 1200 acres 1963- The Fire • The dairy barn burns down and is never rebuilt
        • Delton and his son Dave continue cash cropping and seed cleaning 1970s- Going Organic • Delton’s son David begins to notice that the soil is becoming sick
        • There is less organic matter (such as earthworms) in the soil • There is increasing soil erosion
        • The heart-wrenching, controversial decision is made to return the farm to its simple roots
        • Little research or information is available about organic agriculture and it goes against every major trend
        • The challenge: to go back to old world farming methods and yet maintain scientific principals 1970s- Growing Pains
        • The Reiblings reduce their farm size to a more manageable 450 acres • They initially have problems with weed control and decreased yields because of the land’s sudden ‘withdrawal’ from its chemical dependency
        • It takes years for the organic matter in the soil to build back up to healthy levels • Today organic methods have developed scientifically and these problems are less common 1975- The milling operation is born
        • The decision is made to provide ‘value- added’ organic products from what they harvest
        • Oak Manor acquires their first stone mill to grind their flour
        • Dave begins to work with natural food distributors and bakeries that will carry their products
        • He sources product from other organic farmers springing up around Canada to meet the growing demand
        • Oak Manor develops the first in-house verification process to guarantee the organic nature of the farm products he purchases 1980s and 1990s • In 1985 Dave Reibling helps form the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA), to provide a third-party verification for organic crops
        • Dave helps form the OCPP in the late 1980’s to create a certification process that includes farmers, manufacturers and processors • The size of the Reibling farm is reduced from 450 to 183 acres
        • The Oak Manor farm is now growing only 5% of what they are milling from all their sources
        • After much soul searching, the Reiblings’ farm is sold in 1996 and they devote their full energies to organic milling The Present • Under the direction of Dave’s son, Perry Reibling, Oak Manor continues to be a major player in the organic food industry
        • Oak Manor contributes to greenhouse gas reduction by sourcing products as close to home as possible
        • Oak Manor manufactures, packages and markets a full range of organic products including stone ground flours, hot cereals, whole kernels and seeds
        • In the past 3 decades, as a leader in the organic industry, Oak Manor Farms has remained faithful to its simple philosophy that healthy soil yields healthy food and healthy people!

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