Discover organic this season! Oak Manor sources organic, non-GMO grains, seeds and beans from Certified Organic farms.

Yummy whole grains- the adventure of good health Cooking and baking with whole grains can be part of a creative, healthful adventure for you and your family. Choose the goodness of whole grains for a renewed sense of well-being and vitality. Health authorities agree that including whole grains in your diet supports: • A heart healthy
        • An active lifestyle
        • Your health and well-being
        • The health of your children • Maintaining a healthy weight
        • A healthy pregnancy What is whole grain? The whole grain includes all three edible layers of the kernel:
        The outer bran layer • Fibre
        • B vitamins
        • Magnesium, iron and zinc
        • Phytochemicals
        • Protein
        The endosperm layer
        • Carbohydrates
        • Protein
        The inner germ layer
        • B vitamins
        • Unsaturated fats
        • Vitamin E
        • Minerals
        • Phytochemicals Oak Manor uses heritage milling processes to preserve the nutrients of the whole grain including the nutrient-rich bran and the germ. Don’t be fooled! Make sure it’s both ‘organic’ and ‘whole grain’ More and more refined, packaged organic foods are appearing on supermarket shelves. Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it’s whole grain. And most whole grain products aren’t organic, either. Look for the Oak Manor ‘Whole Grain’ symbol on all the whole grain products listed on our website. All our products are organic and are sold by national grocers, health food stores and right here at our heritage mill. We also supply specialty bakeries and restaurants.

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